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NIOS: National Institute of Open School.  We are going to tell you about the open board. What is NIOS? This was started in 1989. Its chairman is Dr. Gursimran Dhillon. Its headquarters is in Noida. Its official languages are English and Hindi.

A very good benefited of this goes to those students who are not able to go to school or are poor, can’t study from CBSE board, want to study at home. From NIOS we can do 12th or 10th or any other course. Open board is a very good way for those students who want to study from one state to another without going to that school. 

How to take admission in NIOS?

For taking admission in NIOS there are some small conditions of NIOS board; like if you want to take admission in 12th then you have to pass 10th from a recognized, means affiliated school, and passing 10th is also important or if you have done 9th from NIOS or from any other school then you will get admission in NIOS HighSchool or if you have not completed 9th and want to take admission directly in 10th then before that you have to do 9th. NIOS not only supports the 10th or 12th but also many other courses which you want to do. For taking admission, it is not important to go to that NIOS school. You can do it online also. Earlier books and ID cards was coming from the post. Today everything is online. But today also books are coming through the post. The coming of books takes some time so you can download it from the internet. So that your course will not lack behind and you can study well.

There will be no problem in the future

In old times people look at this board as bad and low ranged. This board is very small, studying on this board is not good, there will be no benefit in studying on this board, etc. thought where spread. Most probably our neighbor or relatives look down on this board. But in this open board, there is nothing like that. After studying in the open board you can work in the big-big company. In todays time this board is competing with CBSC board. Because there is not much difference between these boards. If you go with me then I like to open board more because you can study sitting at home. Along with it, you can prepare for something else also. The biggest thing after doing 12th with the open board there is no college that will delay giving you admission. All the more if you have done 12th from PCM then you can give IIT exam also. As you know how much big exam is this and if you are able to give this IIT exam with this board then you can think what is the value of the open board.

Admissions for NIOS are held twice a year. First season June or July and second season October and November. These are the dates according to the government for admission but in NIOS you can take admission any time in 12 months. The second way is that if you are in hurry and want to give the exam don’t have much time then you can fill a form on demand and can give exam. The fess of this is a bit more the difference between on-demand form and normal form is that in on-demand form after submitting the form your exam will be held within 15 or 20 days. The exam will be conducted in a head office nearby. In normal form your exam will be conducted in usual time. there will be a date that will be informed to you there will be a center for it and a fixed date.

Who is Best CBSC vs NIOS?

 There is not much difference between these boards. In the CBSE board, you have to go to school regularly, will get homework regularly and the holiday will be only on Sunday. But in the NIOS board, you don’t have to go to school regularly. You have to go to school only on Sunday if you have time then. But if there is a practical or assignment in the collage then you have to go or have to make regular rounds, whose information you will get online. 

Which Stream Did We Get in NIOS?

After doing 10th, you can take science, commerce or art for 12th from NIOS, according to your wish. The students who have done 12th from any other board can again take admission in science, commerce or art in NIOS. As you now for passing 10th and 12th you have to pass 5 subjects but in this, you will get 2 additional subjects. If you want you can keep 6 or 7 subjects but a maximum of 7. But you can pass just bypassing 5 subjects. And you can choose these 5 subjects and can choose in Hindi or English or in any language that is of your state. Let’s assume that you have chosen Hindi and English and you have to leave Kannad. Or you have taken Hindi and Kannad then you have to leave English. This means you can take only 2 languages.

NIOS HighSchool And Intermediate Fees

If you want to take admission in the 10th or 12th then the fees are not much.  The school fees taken from you will 1500 or 2000. But the charges for books will be taken separately.

Check NIOS 10th Result and NIOS 12th Result

How To Pass NIOS In Demand Exam?

How you are going to write your exam so that you pass it out at the first attempt. Some people even say that they have solved all the questions but still, they are not able to pass the exam. So we are going to tell you how to write your exam in order to pass your exam in the first attempt itself. Most probably in NIOS students who are failed in the 9th or are failed in the 12th or are not able to go to school because of some reasons take admission. So students writing this exam go with there that limited knowledge and are not able to pass it so that will not work here. NIOS asks for your own quality. If you will not write well in the exam then you will not be able to pass it. NIOS open board is a very big board it has its branches out of India also. Sometimes you would have seen that after giving an exam the result is not coming and something like RW is written it means waiting for the result. So there are many problems that can make you fail. So now in this article, we are going to tell you ways that will help you write your exam well and secure a good result.

Tip number 1: The first thing that you have to take care of is that you have to be away from your home language means your exam is in April or October you don’t have to use your native language. You would have understood what I am going to tell you. During the exam, you have to use the language of the book. That you can only do if you have read the book. So it very important for you to read books. If you read books then 101% no examiner can cut your marks.

Tip number 2: The amount of your matter doesn’t matter what matter is the quality of your matter. Means the quantity of you writing is not important but the important thing is the quality. If you write less then it those not matter but whatever you write should be good. This is the only reason for students complaining that they have written this much in the exam but still they failed. So you keep in mind that whatever you write should be good.

Tip number 3: One important thing to remember the examiner checks 60 papers daily. So he/she gets fed up with long-long typed answer papers. That’s why we got to have to gossip in the answer sheet, a bit gossip is important but in a presentable form. The presentation of gossips is also an important fact.

Tip number 4: You also have to keep in mind the time fact. So we don’t have to elaborate more and have to write in a limit. Answer to the question of what is asked. We are telling you again and again whatever knowledge you have, write point to point. If asked about India write only about India not about Pakistan. By this, the examiner has the impression that yes the student really has knowledge whatever he/she has written is exact. But at the same time if you have written everything in one paper then your chances of passing the exam are very less. So write neat, exact and to the point. The use of red and green pens is prohibited so use only blue and black pens.

Tip number 5: The most important thing, read it very carefully. So if you are cheating and there comes a checking and you are caught, then there you don’t have to argue and become a hero, some are there of this type showing their heroism. You don’t have to do anything like that. Just silently accept your mistake and in a polite manner say “Sir, I have done a mistake. Please forgive me. A whole year of mine will be wasted.”  And just then everything will be fine.

So if you will follow my tips then your success is sure.

How To Score Good Marks in the NIOS Exam?

If you are going to give the exam this year only then nothing to worry. You just want to score a percent above 90, don’t fear just follow our tips and you can easily score a good percentage.

NIOS is a big board that conducts many exams for a year. For these exam students from foreign also give exams. Many countries like Saudi Arab, Nepal, Pakistan, UAE, etc. are there that give this exam every year. So the chances for a good percent automatically come down. In such a case if you want to score a good percent then read this article very carefully. We are going to give you some tips, pay attention.

Tip 1: First you have to make your TMA well. That comes for 20 marks. So if you score below 15 in TMA then your percent will be affected badly. So pay importance on your TMA and make it a nice one.

Tip 2: Practical you have to give and if you have given the practical and TMA last year and you failed in that, then no need to give this time. The exam you can give any time within 5 years but if you will not attend the practical and TMA then you will be affected. Then your percent will not be good.

Tip 3: For writing TMA and practical you have to use only blue and black inked pens. The use of red and green pens is not allowed. The use of red and green pens will lead to a decrease in your marks. If a school tells you that the school can provide you with some extra marks, a sum of 5 or 6 marks, then you should not leave that chance. But for this also you don’t have to give a large sum of money, a maximum of 200 or 400 rupees. If they ask more than this, go and file a complaint against them in the police station. Our suggestion to you will be if a school asks for some money and can give some extra marks, then go for it because it’s the question of your whole life.

Tip 4: Your practical will be held during exam time only and the practical you have to make in practical file only. You have to write very nicely, your writing and presentation should be this much nice that it takes away the hearts. For practical you have to learn all the questions asked in practical. You have to work hard for practical then only you can do well in that. And when marks will be good the result will also be good, and the same with the percent also. So stick with these things and pay importance to them.

Tip 5: During exam time you have to do that questions first, which carries more marks and are long because at the end there is no time left for these questions and then you are not able to do these questions. So you have to do these questions first. Some people say that they have done the whole paper but still they are not able to score well. But go and ask them which questions they left, most probably they would have left the long type questions. So if you leave them long type questions then how you are going to score well.